“Had a marvellous time! Great people! Great experience! Never a dull moment – so much to do.”

“Serious learning with lots of humour included. Excellent.”

“Every need was met, superb accommodation, food, teaching, company. A lovely way to spend a week.”

 “I feel that I have entered into the French way of life in a remarkably short space of time.”

“Really excellent. My notebook has a wealth of new words and fresh ideas to work on in the days to come.”

“A most enjoyable week, varied in programme and visits, wonderful hosts who were responsive to the group.”

“The Bourdil Blanc combines beautiful surroundings, comfortable accommodation and delicious food to give a real French experience.”

“I have learned an enormous amount in a very short time. Thank you!”

“I do not regret a dime.”

About Alexandre (one of the teachers)

 “Gifted, adaptable, enthusiastic.”

 “He is so enthusiastic and passionate that you can’t help but improve your knowledge of France and the French language.”

Some recent Tripadvisor reports

Avis écrit le 7 novembre 2015

I have recently returned from my third French Immersion course in successive years at Le Bourdil Blanc and found it just as stimulating and relaxing as the last two. The morning classes may include discussion of a text on a topic of cultural, political or literary interest, some exercises on tricky points of grammar, a dictation and general conversation, but the lessons do not end when the classroom door closes. The main teacher, a cultured, intelligent and multilingual Frenchman, whose spoken French is music to the English ear, takes a genuine interest not only in language and its origins, but also in each of the students and their individual difficulties with learning French. He stayed at Le Bourdil Blanc all week, joining us for every meal, accompanying us on afternoon tours and enriching our minds with French history and culture; he is very approachable and was always available to answer our questions. As with everything in life, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it, and I made sure I wrote down all new words and their meanings and spent time morning and evening running through my vocabulary lists and points of grammar, asking about anything of which I was uncertain. The elegant country house ambiance, spectacular Dordogne countryside and fascinating towns, the generous hospitality from Jane, who offers aperitifs every evening and wine à volonté with meals, not to mention the wonderful cuisine created by the inimitable Bernadette, combine to produce the most comfortable environment for a thrilling learning experience.

Séjour du octobre 2015 - voyage en solo

I am a regular visitor to Le Bourdil Blanc. I try to attend the French Immersion courses twice a year, in Spring and in Autumn, for although the courses are not intended, nor claimed to be structured language courses, they provide for me, an excellent opportunity to improve most aspects of spoken French. This is achieved in a variety of ways. Most mornings are spent in small groups studying and discussing topics of cultural, historical and political interest. The leaders of these activities are French, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, multilingual with each one having a different teaching style. If requests are made for clarification of specific points relating to language structure and grammar, these have usually been incorporated into the group sessions and when possible, individual lessons have been arranged at no extra cost. Students often have varying levels of ability, so it is worth speaking as much as possible or appropriate, on the Saturday and Sunday, so that the teachers can ascertain everyone's competence and needs in an attempt to create harmonious study groups.

In particular I have appreciated the presence of some of the teachers at all meals and on all excursions. Jane Hanslip, the organizer of the course, has often invited her French, or French speaking friends for drinks and or dinner, which has added interest and ensured that a wide range of subjects is discussed. Naturally, French is spoken all the time and I have found that this has been made easier by enjoying the wines and aperitifs which Jane provides generously to accompany each meal. Bernadette, the talented cook produces satisfyingly varied, delicious and typically French meals, so these combined with the company and conversation of the other students or guests, ensure that each evening becomes an important part of the course. One meal has usually been taken and enjoyed in a local restaurant.

There are so many places to visit in relatively easy driving distance of Le Bourdil Banc and escorted visits with transport provided are arranged on most days throughout the week. In this way I have visited several cities, towns, museums, castles, churches, vineyards, markets, gardens as well as sites of history and pre-history, but there is still sufficient time to enjoy the house and grounds or use the tennis court and swimming-pool, weather permitting. My understanding and appreciation of this region of France has grown considerably as a result of my stays at Le Bourdil Blanc and there is still so much more for me to discover. Television and films in French are available to watch which add to the immersion experience.

The accommodation is comfortable and spacious with each bedroom having a private bathroom. Most of the rooms are in the main house which means that they each have their own character in terms of access, furnishings and facilities. More modern rooms are available in a clever stable conversion approximately fifty metres from the house.

I find the flexible approach to the week's events encourages a holiday spirit in me and as a single traveller, I enjoy the company, comfort, good living and amusement of the week enormously. If anyone is looking for a short holiday with a difference in France, but which also represents, in my opinion, excellent value for money, it might be worth enrolling on the course.

Séjour du avril 2015

Avis écrit le 15 octobre 2015

I've done the French immersion course at Le Bourdil Blanc for three years running now. This year I was one of four 'returners', one lady had been a total of 11 times before, so Jane and her team undoubtedly have something special to offer!

The language tuition is suitable for learners at all levels but you'll get much more out of the course if you are able to contribute to the conversations in French. I find the tuition motivating and engaging - no tedious whiteboard presentations here! The house has wi-fi so further self-directed study on the internet is always possible.
The tutors stay with the learners at mealtimes and act as knowledgeable guides on the afternoon visits to places such as Perigueux, Sarlat and Monbazillac. This gives everyone ample opportunity to practise what they have learned in the classroom. The courses have helped improve my vocabulary and grammar and now I feel much more confident about speaking French too.

For me this is a wonderful week's holiday with the added bonus of being able to improve my French. The atmosphere is a relaxed country house party, with comfortable accommodation set in extensive grounds with a lake and a swimming pool. One of the highlights of any holiday in France is the food and Le Bourdil Blanc’s chef Bernadette does not disappoint, producing delicious local dishes all served with as much wine as you want.

All in all I think this course offers good value for money.
(This is an update to my forum post of 2014.)

Avis écrit le 16 septembre 2015

Just outside Bergerac and a few minutes' drive from the airport, this beautiful manor house has been extensively renovated and converted by its delighful owner, Jane, who lives there with her two extremely friendly black labradors.

The accommodation rambles throughout the spacious main house, an adjoining annexe, a converted pigeonnier and some brand new rooms in part of the wonderful old barn. There's a tennis court and a heated swimming pool as well as a small lake in the large grounds to stroll around before evening aperitifs. The countryside here is lovely and Jane is very knowledgeable on local attractions and where to eat. She also has a fabulous local cook who will prepare dinner by arrangement. Breakfast is copious. All bedrooms are en-suite and comfortably furnished with the sort of antiques that look right for the rooms, but not too terrifying to use. Top marks for linens and towels.

You may be lucky enough to stay there when there is a riding holiday happening - the horses look wonderful stabled in the old barn and lend an air of excitement to the house as the riders saddle up in the morning. Otherwise enjoy the peace and serenity of the place and the lovely countryside surrounding it.

Ask for the barn rooms if you like or seek modernity