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Food and Wine

Wine tastingThe Dordogne is considered a place with some of the finest food and wine France has to offer. Hailed as a place of wonderful farms and farm food, the Perigord area is foodie’s paradise!

The Dordogne offers rich and varied cuisine of the highest standard. Regional specialities include foie gras, walnuts (used in Gateaux and Pain aux Noix), strawberries, truffles and of course a wide selection of wine from the nearby Bergerac vineyards as well as from Bordeaux and Cahors. Duck is a regular feature (Confit or Magret de Canard) and the Perigord cuisine often favours the use of duck and goose fat over butter, giving dishes such as roast potatoes a particular, and delicious, taste.

Wine tastingBergerac is famous for its wine, and home to some of the world’s finest vintages. The wine region encompasses 93 villages, covering an area of more than 12,000 hectares. There are around 1200 wine growers tending vineyards here of which the average size is just 11-12 hectares and half the vineyards are less than 7 hectares in size.

Bergerac is one of the rare regions in France to produce nearly as many white wines as red (around 48% versus 52%). The area contains 13 Appellations Contrôlées. All of these appellations: Bergerac red wine, Côtes de Bergerac red wine, Bergerac dry white wine, Bergerac rosé wine and Côtes de Bergerac sweet white wines, can be grown in all of the Bergerac vineyards.

Wine tasting   Wine tasting

Cuisine at le Bourdil Blanc

The daily menus are created according the the best in seasonal food, and guests requirements and requests. Le Bourdil Blanc’s owner and your host, Jane Hanslip works closely with her cook Bernadette to present to you the very best the region has to offer, some delights you may know, some will be closely guarded pleasures known only to residents of the locale, hidden to the fly-by-night tourist! We often cater for vegetarians as well as providing gluten free diets


Traditionally French - croissants and bread delivered daily, yogurt, cereal, fruit, local jams, honey and preserves. Fresh coffee, tea and fruit juice.


Food and Wine

A buffet freshly made each day and boosted with hot homemade soup if the weather demands. The delicious spread presented in the dining room for you to eat where you wish, cosy in the house, or out in the garden or perhaps on the terrace. Buffets are created from the following :

  • Home made soups
  • Hams, cold and dried meats, salamis, pates,
  • Fresh salads- taboulé, rice salads, potato salads
  • Smoked salmon
  • A wide selection of cheeses from the various regions of France
  • Local fresh breads
  • Wine (red, white and rose), soft drinks, water

Dinner is three courses and a relaxed affair generally in the dining room though sometimes al fresco.

Typical French delicacies such as magret de canard ( duck breast) gigot d’agneau ( leg of lamb), veal and lamb stews,roast beef, beef bourguignon and fish are served. We also serve wonderful desserts such as fruit charlottes, apple pies, floating islands, crème brulée, baba au rhum with  lots of different salads to start.

We can cater for vegetarians as well as providing gluten free diets.