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Diagnostic Self-Assessment Form for French language levels

The "can do" statements below are designed to help you to choose the right language level. Please tick the appropriate statements to help you to decide which level you would like to enrol for.

If you are not sure or have any questions, please contact Jane Hanslip Email jhanslip@aol.com 00447768 747610 or 0033632624315 who will talk it through with you.

  • I have no previous knowledge of French
  • I know only a few words and phrases in French, e.g. hello and goodbye

If you ticked either box in this section, the immersion course is not for you at the moment - but we look forward to seeing you once you have some French language skills under your belt !

If you have not ticked the above boxes, please answer the following and return the form to us at the email address above.

  • I can greet people and make introductions
  • I can give personal information (e.g. name, occupation, age and nationality etc.)
  • I can order some meals and drinks
  • I can shop for food and understand prices
  • I can book accommodation and understand hotel facilities
  • I can ask for and understand simple directions
  • I can enquire about the location of buildings and opening and closing times
  • I can understand numbers up to 100
  • I can describe daily routines using present tenses
  • I can talk about leisure activities and interests
  • I can talk about past events at a basic level
  • I can talk about likes, dislikes and preferences
  • I can talk about future plans and arrangements at a basic level
  • I can make, accept and refuse invitations.
  • I can shop for clothes (colour, size etc.)
  • I can say what the weather is like.
  • I can describe people (physical and character)
  • I can cope with restaurant situations (e.g. booking, menus and payment)
  • I can talk about past events, using two or more past tenses
  • I can use standard phrases to make telephone calls
  • I can express opinions and preferences
  • I can ask for advice using appropriate polite forms
  • I can make and deal with some problems/complaints at restaurants/hotels/shops etc.
  • I can talk fairly confidently about future events and plans for weekends and holidays
  • I can make a medical appointment and describe illnesses at a fairly basic level
  • I can describe items in shape, size, colour and material
  • I can speak and write using different past tenses
  • I can use the conditional tense
  • I can use the future tense
  • I can use a variety of pronouns and prepositions to some extent
  • I can understand some authentic listening and reading material
  • I have an adequate vocabulary to enable me to communicate on different topics
  • I can use some advanced vocabulary to express my ideas
  • I can use all four languages skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with a certain degree of confidence
  • I can use a wide range of tenses such as present, past, future, conditional and subjunctive
  • I can speak and write with some fluency on a variety of topical issues
  • I can use pronouns and the imperative with reasonable confidence
  • I can tackle authentic written and audio material such as some newspaper articles and broadcasts
  • I can demonstrate some awareness of the cultural diversity of French