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Useful information during your stay

Lessons and french conversation

Lessons take place between 09.00 and 12.30, in two or three different parts of the house. There is a 20 minute mid-morning break.

We aim to speak French only at all times It is total immersion.

Le Bourdil BlancThe House

Please make yourselves at home. Do help yourselves at any time to tea and coffee, and cold drinks from the fridge, and of course you may offer them to your fellow guests.

There is a TV (both French and UK satellite), DVD and iPod dock in the living room. Please help yourself but also be considerate of others. No English TV is allowed during your stay


Please do not smoke in the house. Feel free to do so outside but please ask your fellow guests, especially around meal times. There are fire extinguishers near the fireplaces, and on each landing.


There are machines available for washing and drying in the bathroom off the dining room and an iron .


You can drink the water from the tap (Chateau la Pompe).


These are available in each room so you do not have to bring your own

Limeuil River


The wi-fi is DEVOLO and is is available in most parts of the house


We have two adorable black labradors at the house who are very friendly. Please do not feed them at any time. If you see them picking up stones, say ‘Drop’ and congratulate them when they do For those who are allergic or frightened of dogs please let us know so that we can keep them away from you as much as possible.


Bernadette is the cook and Sandrine, her helper, looks after the house.

Your teachers are Alexandre, Caroline, Dominique and Barbara.

Mealtimes and refreshments

Mealtimes and refreshmentsMealtimes

Breakfast  08.15 (9am on Sunday). Lunch 12.30. Apéritifs 19.30, dinner 20.00. 

If no one is around, please help yourself to tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Please let Jane know of any allergies or food you don’t like, equally what you do like to eat, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


The pool

This is alarmed, please ask Jane for instructions. Rather than use your bath towels, please use the swimming towels on the first floor landing.  There are sun lounger cushions in the cupboard near the pool. The pool is heated from 1st May to 1st October, please replace the pool cover at night.

Tennis and Fishing Racquets & tennis balls, table tennis bats & balls, and fishing rods are in the hall.


We visit various parts of the Dordogne every afternoon. Please let Jane know on the Sunday of any special requests to see particular sites. We leave at approx. 14.00 and return by 18.30, often earlier, except on Wednesday when we visit Perigueux market in the morning, with lessons in the afternoon. All trips are conducted in French.

If you would prefer to stay at le Bourdil please feel free to do so.


Please ask if you need to use the landline. Jane’s numbers are 06 32 62 43 15 or 00 44 7768 747610 or 05 53 22 76 08


Medical is SAMU 15. Fire 18. Police 17. Alexandre 06 05 06 30 42, Barbara 06 88 38 37 31 and Bernadette 05 53 81 66 13


Please raise any problems with Jane or Alexandre at the earliest opportunity. We will do our very best to help.

Have a wonderful holiday
and a great learning experience,
Jane Hanslip